While we may not agree on every mission, we can all agree on that the US military is an important feature of our republic and a global force for good.

But we’ve become disconnected from our military and who they are. This is a reminder that our military are people just like everyone else. People with a story to tell – some benign, some traumatic, some funny, some heartbreaking.

We will hand select the first 20 stories for the initial publication; future submissions will be voted up by the broader community. All stories will be reviewed before posting. While there is no doubt room for political debate in this country, this is not intended to be the outlet for it. We will screen out any stories with that intent.

Please start the video with your name, rank/rate/specialty, branch of service, and years served and what you do now.

We’ll need ownership of (or at least unlimited rights to) the content. The goal is to use an algorithm to transcribe the message and look for inappropriate context and scan facial expressions to look for contempt or lying etc. We just need to do our best, we’re not profiting from the stories, but we need to protect our trust with the public. (no million little pieces moments)

All stories are reviewed, thought to be accurate but not verified, cannot contain any classified information. We are not responsible for… Legalities of any story? Fake?)

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Generating revenue is not our intent, but should any be collected we will select well respected veterans organizations to donate all proceeds. We hope any expenses incurred will be covered by modest in-kind donations, but in the meantime we will cover all expenses (web hosting and development, advertising, etc.)

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